I critique short stories, creative nonfiction, and novels (parts or the whole). I provide honest, insightful feedback, and I hold your work to a high standard. But I am here to help not to tear you down. I believe an effective editor must keep his own ego out of his critiques, and so I do everything I can to cater to your needs and to your vision, and to provide feedback that will help you create the most powerful, most moving story possible. Inquire for my availability.

The kind of feedback I offer is usually called “developmental” or “structural.” In developmental feedback I examine the story. Though I occasionally remark on line-level edits, I’m mostly looking at the pacing, the characters, the structure and movement, the plotting, and whether the story is engaging and emotionally moving. I work at an hourly rate, but a novel usually comes to about $0.015/word or about $5 per page. I can work with works-in progress or completed manuscripts.

Works in progress

I've done a lot of work with writers who do not yet have a completed manuscript. And though that work often falls under the category of coaching, I also edit outlines, and excerpts or single chapters of longer work. Outline edits are a great way to get a some big-picture feedback for much less cost ($200-400).

Full manuscripts

I complete 1-2 full manuscript edits every month. I read at a pace of about 20 pages per day. For novels, I typically make margin notes throughout, write a chapter-by-chapter assessment, and include a holistic assessment. I return those three documents to the writer and offer a free follow-up conversation to address questions.

Short work

I also do a lot of editing of short stories and novel chapters. I can usually return such work within 2-4 weeks of receipt. I can cater my editing to your needs (if you need line edits in addition to holistic assessment, for instance). Edits of shorter work usually amounts to $7-10/page.

Note: I typically book out about 10-12 months in advance for full-manuscript edits. I can do smaller jobs before then, but fulls will have to join the queue.

Questions or Concerns?

I understand how daunting it can be to entrust your writing to an editor you may not know personally. I feel it’s important that we are both comfortable with one another. So I’m happy to meet via video conference before you make your decision on whether to put your work in my hands. I will approach you and your work professionally and respectfully, and I will provide a contract for us both to examine carefully before undertaking the project. Keep in mind that it may sometimes be weeks or months before I can get to your work, depending on my current queue of edits.

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