Join the February 27th Mini-Retreat

The Goals

Some Instruction

I’ll be talking about midpoints, one of the most important structural points of a novel or memoir. What are midpoints? What’s the difference between the external-arc midpoint and the internal-arc midpoint? What are some key questions to help you discover/uncover your midpoint? What are some examples? 

Some Chats

We’ll have a mixture of very intimate chats (with one or two other writers) and our full-group chat. The idea here is to move from theory to the practice. We can talk about midpoint theory all we want and not necessarily get any closer to having you identify your midpoint. So we’ll help each other wrap our heads around the concept and see how it applies to our own writing.

Some Accountability 

It can seem strange, but it’s oddly effective to write in the company of other writers without ever talking to them. We’ll take a while to do just that, leaving Zoom on while we tackle our work.

The Schedule

  • 11:00 am CST: Instruction on midpoints, some chat time, and an optional homework assignment
  • 12:30 pm CST: Writing in community and lunch
  • 2:00 pm CST: Reconvene with questions and to share homework
  • 2:30/3:00 pm CST: Wrap up 

What to Expect

Part of the idea behind these retreats is to keep the instruction very digestible—not super academic and theoretic. The mini-retreat will be one part stimulating ideas, two parts inspiration, and three parts thinking about and working on your WIP.

When you register, you’ll get the Zoom link to the meeting. And after the meeting, I’ll post handouts, slides, and a recording of the instructional session for all registered users to revisit at any point in the future.

$40 for this one. Register by clicking below.

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