Show Don’t Tell Mini Retreat

Below, I’m posting the materials and videos from our March 20th mini retreat with Louise Harnby. 

The exercise handout has the directions for how to get your free copy of Louise’s book, Making Sense of “Show, Don’t Tell.” (Don’t go giving that code out to others, please.)

Louise has also passed on this article on free indirect speech. (It says it’s about crime fiction, but it’s not exclusive to crime fiction at all.) 

The handouts:

There are two videos posted below. The first is Louise’s instruction. The second is the afternoon Q&A.  

I’ll open up comments, so feel free to chime in with thoughts or questions. 

I’ve divided the Q&A up into six or seven parts based on the separate topics we were discussing, so if you want to scroll through and find those black title pages, which I’ve numbered 1-6, that may be a good way to navigate.

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