Showing Emotion (Morning Session)

The morning session of the From-Home Retreat (2020) was on showing emotion. The replay is below. I’ll also be adding an addendum video in which I examine some of the shortcomings of the passages for examination. 

You can access the handouts below:

And the slides: Showing Emotion Slides

Here, too, by the way, is that Louise Harnby article I referenced: Identifying Showing and Telling

Feel free to chime in on the comments at the bottom of the page or email me if you have other questions:

For those who registered for the whole weekend, you can check out the Panel replay and the Writing Attraction replay.

Thanks for attending!

And here’s that addendum I mentioned. It’s not a very polished video, as you’ll see (complete with interruptions by kids and dog). But I hope this ties together some of the loose ends. 

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