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What does it take to be a published writer?

Prepare for your trip

As a parent, I now know that vacations are a whole lot of work. As a child, I had no idea. They were fun. End of story. They were, like books, simply enjoyable and easy. But also like books, they actually required a lot of behind-the-scenes work that was the result of a confluence of many factors.

The Factors

I’ve worked with many writers who have aspired to publication, and I’ve seen things break down at various stages. In this Starter Kit, I delve into the five factors required for writers to be successful.


I go over the nine truths I deem to be most important for the writer’s mindset or mentality.


I differentiate process from craft and provide some perspective for heeding process advice.


I provide my paradigm for the four elements of craft that writers need to practice.


I explain the eight areas of publishing that writers should be familiar with.


I describe the four important roles of community for writers.

Growth & Improvement

Let’s say you were to make an unofficial MFA replacement or supplement for yourself? Where would you begin? The Starter Kit serves as the launchpad for precisely that. Once you’ve gone through the brief course, you’ll be better prepared to build your own program or to enlist my help to create one for you.

Meet Your Instructor

My name is TD Storm. I taught in a public high school for 15 years before getting my MFA in Writing from Pacific University and moving on to work with adults. I’ve won awards for both my teaching and my writing. My work has appeared a number of journals and anthologies, including Black Warrior Review, Copper Nickel, Short Story America, and Literary Hub. I currently teach and edit both here in my online school and through the University of Wisconsin. Check out the video below to meet me.


What am I signing up for here?

The Starter Kit is entirely free. When you enroll in it, you’ll get access to the seven short videos (for a total of 31 minutes) and a few handouts, including a self-assessment, which will serve as a launching point for your self-improvement as a writer. You’ll also be “enrolled” in the school, which means very little, other than the fact that you’ll get an email asking you to confirm your email subscription.

Is my information private?

Absolutely. We have full GDPR compliance. Take a look at the privacy policy. Your email will not be used for anything other than correspondence with the school about courses, craft articles, and live teaching appearances.

What if I have questions?

I’m very responsive over email. So just send me a note, and I’ll reply:

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